Remember how I said in earlier posts that when you must do so much is EXACTLY when you say “I could *also* do this other thing”?

So instead of designing or ensuring I’m uber-prepared for Shirley’s class, I’m sewing and spinning. Mostly the former, given that the latter, with this heat, can’t be sustained for over 5min at a time.

As it’s known, I work at a LYS that sells fabric and the likes. And we sell Sew Today, the magazine from BMV. I could read it at the shop, but their subscription offer is EVER so tempting. If you sub by Direct Debit, each mag costs only GBP2.80.  Even more important,  you get your choice of 2 free patterns from the full Vogue/Butterick/McCall’s range. I say that’s worth it, considering for the length of your subscription, you also get buy one get one free  on any patterns! I just got my first issue with one of my patterns through the door, I chose Rebecca Taylor’s V1169 and Divine Details V8677 (this one is back-ordered, I guess because the fall line catalogues have not yet hit the shops). As always with the bite more than you can chew.

In any case, I wanted to write this post about my procrastinating efforts. Please see evidence 1:

Cotton shirt

Slap me hard. Another Hilary Duff for McCalls pattern. This time, M5803. I bought this fabric AGES ago, and I was devastated when I cut half of it to make a summer dress and found a massive decolored line through the fold. I had already cut the pattern pieces, it was good for nothing, and ended up binning those parts. I had, however, 1.4m left. I dyed it with Dylon, and it ended up so electric blue it hurts your eyes if you don’t wear sunglasses. I love it.

I had to account for many mods in this pattern. The shirt is intended to have a lot of ease, which I don’t understand since it’s modeled without ANY ease. In any case, back being smaller than bust in my case, I pinned, basted, re-pinned and adjusted until I was happy.

Remember how I said yesterday that I HATE GATHERS??? Yes, well. Those ruffles don’t magically appear. I was so cross with myself once I got to that part. But don’t they look pretty??

The pattern is well constructed, I only have a small criticism to make and it’s the following – why would you hem your front and back pieces separately before stitching them together? I make adjustments to hem line when the whole thing is done, so that’s what I did.

The detail is not seen very well in the above pic, so I took a close up for you to see those cute little nupps the fabric has running through it…


And with this said and done, I have to make a choice in my sewing career – continue making some summer clothes, when the British summer may well be over before we reach August… or start my coat with the fabric I spoke about here?

Or maybe, just maybe, I should WORK on my designs?

Speaking of, I’m currently looking for a UK based crochet sampler, I have a design that I don’t have time to make myself. No.5 cotton, 1.75mm or 2mm depending on gauge. Azzy, I know you offered but I’m giving you the option of declining given that you’re already sampling my scarf!!! It’s a lace stole design, it may be time consuming, and I know I can’t pay you but I can promise you something pretty for your efforts as well as my eternal gratitude…