Friendship Bracelet Swap!

The talk of the town right now is friendship bracelets!

Made with embroidery floss (ie, cross-stitch thread, fine cotton, fine silk), in simple or intricate patterns, this post from The Purl Bee got our creative juices flowing, and I kept going back in my mind to the days where I’d make tons of them to give to my friends.

So, I decided to organize a Friendship Bracelet Swap!!

The swap’s central HQ are in Flickr, where I’ve created a private, invitation only group for us to meet at. Want to join?

  • Comment below – write your comment and hit “Post As”, fill in your name and email. Your email will only be revealed to me.
  • @ me or DM me on Twitter with your email address – I’m rockandpurl over there!
  • email me on shop at rockandpurl dot com

I’ll use that email address to send you your invite.

More details?

The swap is a round-robin style – all participants are sorted in a list, and you must send ONE bracelet to the person below you.

I’ll keep adding people to the group and allowing you to Sign Up on the designated thread until July 29th. The list will be revealed on July 31st.

The deadline for sending your bracelet to your pal is August 19th.

Feel free RT and Share this post on FB/Google+, the more the merrier!

Join us!!!! :)

PS – the images are from this DeviantArt group. Isn’t it freaking awesome!?