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Today’s post is from Emily Orpin, who used to write with myself at Handmade Spark and whose colourful photo tweets always surprise me. She lives in Seoul… how lucky is that!?

These days outside my window is the sprawling city of Seoul. We’ve been lucky enough to live right in the heart of this always surprising, sometimes perplexing city for two years now.


I love looking out of our lofty apartment windows and seeing all the hustle and bustle in the streets below. Or to look out and see lost balloons floating by, or see a Korean magpie or two swooping past. Or to listen to all the different sounds that filter up – street sellers spruiking melons, tomatoes and mandarins; motorbikes in need of a good tune up; protests (always protests!). It’s really quite an amazing city, especially when you consider that 60 short years ago the whole place was, quite literally, shell shocked.


We also have a great view of the gorgeous oasis that is Namsan (‘South Mountain’). South Korea has very distinct (and extreme) seasons and it’s so wonderful to see them reflected in this little mountain. Snowy white in the depths of Winter; an explosion of colour as the azaleas and blossoms come out in Spring; a gorgeous bright green through the hot and humid Summer months; and burning with yellow, orange and red in Autumn.


Before we came to Seoul the view outside our window was possibly even more spectacular – the Hong Kong skyline. Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities in the world, I could wax lyrical about it for hours and hours. It’s an amazingly vibrant mix of old and new, it’s at once distinctly Chinese and incredibly cosmopolitan. And the food! Oh the food! It’s a city that never fails to inspire me. If you haven’t visited yet, make sure it’s on your list.


Before Hong Kong we had a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Well, when I say ‘view’ I mean if you stood on your tippy toes in exactly the right spot on our little balcony you could vaguely make out a tiny bit of arched steel. Before that was a different (single) life, with other Sydney views, of gumtrees and terrace houses. And before that it was the Melbourne suburbs.


You see, for the past five years or so ‘home’ has been wherever my husband and two dogs are. And I’ve learnt not to get too settles as the view from our window can change in a flash. As expats, we’ve been given the most amazing opportunity to experience Asia, to live in places we never would be able to if we were doing it on our own.


As much as I miss my friends and family and the other comforts of home (you have no idea what I’d do to get my hands on a lamb cutlet at the moment!), right now I am so happy to have an ever changing view outside my window



Emily is an Australian blogger, crafter and photographer currently living in Seoul with her husband, two long dogs and as much cheese as she can afford.
Good Things* – www.jorpins.blogspot.com