Process – part 1

As it’s been a regular feature in the past 2 TNNA shows (and I hope for many more!) I’m going to have a garment featured in the Lorna’s Laces booth. In the last 2 installments I worked with Solemate, their merino/outlast blend with a delicious drape and gorgeous handle. Amanda from LL joked that she was a bit disappointed she had only been handing me (and I quote) “plum coloured yarn” (Chambourcin and Paseo), when the time came to choose my colourway for this show, we went all out.

Yes, not your usual rock+purl colourway!! I’ve been up and down and all around thinking of this yarn. It arrived shortly after we got back from Canada, but with 3 other deadlines in the way before May 15th, I kind of had to leave it aside for a while!

I did cake one ball for fun, check the yarn, pet it here and there… The good thing about the design process with Lorna’s Laces is that I’ve got creative freedom. While at the beginning I thought of a long jacket with lots of texture, I’ve switched gears completely. I’m still having a touch of texture, and it will still have the tailored feel that I love giving my garments, but for now, I shall leave you with swatches.

I’m undecided about Stockinette V. Reverse Stockinette. Any idea?

Up next, the sketch, the start, the tidbits that make the design what it is, and how I work my timelines. I’ve plenty of surprises for you in this garment!!