48h of madness. An unravel round-up.

There was a booth….

My husband the helper (who wasn't for sale and some ladies seem to love a man with a good beard!!)

Almost all of the rock+purl designs were in display

From one side to the other….

Excitement in the air….

I met podcasters like Miss Elle (below) and aplayfulday (who was in attendance with the playful baby)

Met some longtime twitter friends

Some fellow designers…

I met dyers – Juno Fiber Arts, Lioness Arts, Luxury Yarns, Sparkleduck, Skein Queen… And I've exciting projects coming up with some of them! I even met A Stash Addict, who lives 10min away from me and we've not managed to meet in 2 years!

I took knitting that never saw a stitch made, since we were that busy. That's the greatest sign of all.

We THOUGHT we had enough patterns to satisfy you…. Until we ran out and I had to run around Farnham buying inks for the printer to ensure you got what you wanted!!!

Moore proved to be the reliable design that everyone loves.

In the shawls department, Lichen Mists and Levante's new laceweight version proved to be winners

There was serious lust for the badges – in fact I only have 5 left of one type, a handful of another and I thought I'd ordered enough to cover us for both unravel and Wonderwool! Thank you.

We had fun.

I had the most amazing help in the hands of my husband Brian and my BFF Azzy, who not only answered questions like pros, but they were charming and welcoming to everyone who stopped by the stall. Thank you so much.

The faces we saw were friendly, full of joy and we appreciated each and every single comment that you said about the garments and accessories. Thank you so much.

You rocked my world, Unravel attendees. You really did. I could not have asked for a friendlier crowd for my first ever show, and now I'm pumped full of energy and possibilities for Wonderwool. Thank you.

One last note – thank you, Farnham Maltings & Unravel organization staff, for the drop-by sweeties and constant care and attention for how we were doing.