A little something: Ravensprings Cowl

During the Rocking Kitchen retreat, I didn’t bring any work knitting. I didn’t see the point, really, being one of the organizers I was mostly busy all the time, and if you’ve seen the previous post, you will know that we had a shower of sponsored goods that made my knitting from home fairly redundant…

One of the sponsors had donated a variety of skeins of Noro and in my bag landed a skein of Cyochin, in shade no.7, a mostly purple-burgundy base with flecks of pink, blue and gold. You can see the shade on the far right of the shade card here.

I had brought my crochet hooks with me, because recently I’ve been playing with crochet a lot. I’ve 2 designs that will see the light of day soon, but my instincts told me this yarn would be good for a hook.

Ravensprings Cowl

US terms are used in this pattern, so UK crocheters beware!


  • Finished size: 27″ (68cm) circumference, 12″ (30cm) tall


  • Gauge: 2.5 hdc wide x 2 hdc tall = 1″ (2.5cm) square.


  • Hook Size 7mm / US K


  • 1 skein of Noro Cyochin (86% wool, 7% mohair, 7% silk) 180m per 100g skein


  • 1 stitch marker (locking) if desired to mark the beginning of round.


AND I just KNOW you have a single skein of worsted weight in your stash, because we all do! How about whipping up this quick and simple cowl with me?


Ch 73.

Hdc into the back of 3rd ch from hook and into the back of all ch to end. 70 hdc made.

With RS facing, sl st on the top of the first hdc to join in the rnd.

Rnd 1: Ch 2, hdc to end. Sl st on top of the first hdc.

Rep Rnd 1 22 more times (24 rnds total) or until desired length (or you run out of yarn!)

Fasten off. Done. Enjoy your cowl!

What IS a hdc? Wrap yarn over hook, insert hook under the V of the st below. Wrap yarn over hook, draw the hook back out. You now have 3 loops on the hook. Wrap yarn over hook again and draw this loop through all the loops on the hook. Repeat!

You may find that your chains are a bit loose (mine are!) if this is the case, you may want to do only 1 chain and not 2, to begin the round with.

I always use the back of the first row of chains to work the first row in crochet. I find that it allows a much prettier edging because the Vs are facing down, meaning that when you finish your cowl in this case, you will get matching edgings! See this photo with the first row of chains and the last round of hdcs:

What do you say, think you want to take a couple of evenings and create a quick fun gift with me?


I will be putting up the Ravensprings Cowl pattern page up on ravelry soon so you can all link up your projects.

Steady, ready, hook :)