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My self-imposed goal of blogging every day went spectacularly awry sometime after the first quarter of the year. A blend of travels, work pressure, changes and shows made it impossible to keep up the momentum and quality that you, my reader, deserves.

I have, however, attempted to keep up with my Mindfulness goal and in that aspect, I’ve made sure I’ve knitting things not just for work, but also for me. My book is not done, but I’ve come a long long way in my editing field. I guess things kinda balance out.

All of this is to say, I’ve been thinking and reflecting, and realised there’s no pull like that of a collective blogging effort.

Everyone makes resolutions to blog every day when the new year comes, but I believe taking stock of the year that we are leaving behind is much more important, in order to clarify our vision for the year to come.

I have been thinking of a series of weekly prompts to get YOU AND ME to post and take inventory of the year, review your achievements, get a feel for the things we learnt, paint a picture of 2013 to prepare our tools to work with in 2014.

Do you think you’d like to join me?

6 weekly posts means that you can take up the entire previous week to ponder, analyze, meditate the prompts before putting fingers to the keyboard and allowing your story to fly.

There is no need to make this totally knitting-centric. We are more than what our fingers make. Talk about your life, your work-home balance, your non-knitting hobbies, your business… Spread outside the box.

This is the schedule:

  • November 25: My teaching. Is there something you’re always teaching others about and you are always praised on? Something you can’t wait to share with the world? TAG: RPTEACH
  • December 2: My mistake. Something went wrong? Share. Fun mistake? Awesome. Silly mistake you want to advice people not to do? Share. TAG: RPMISTAKE
  • December 9: My discovery. What blew you away this year? Where did you find it? What makes it so meaningful? TAG: RPDISCOVER
  • December 16: My achievement. Your biggest. Your best. Your pinnacle. Tell us so we can celebrate with you. TAG: RPSUCCESS
  • December 23: My inspiration. Do you have an ongoing person, or idea, that you aim towards in everything you do? Is your inspiration a successful person in your field? Is it an idea of excellence? TAG: RPINSPIRE
  • December 30: “With these learnings, I look forward to…” The previous 5 prompts must have given you food for thought. Process them. Write your realistic, inspirational goal for 2014. TAG: RPFUTURE

To join in the game, it’s all simple steps!

  • Get writing and schedule your posts for the weeks on the assigned prompt timeline. You can use images, collage, photography, music, video…
  • Tag your blogpost with the correct tag for each post so I can find you.
  • If you wish, you can comment on my post for the week with your link, so people can find you from the original prompt!
  • Share your link on social sites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc) and @rockandpurl if you want to give me a shoutout.

Every Friday I will post a collection of the 5 best posts, so my readers don’t miss a beat!

Get set and write!



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  • Beverly

    Brilliant idea!