2013. Was that it!?

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The year started with a big goal, still unfinished – writing a book.

It continued with a new challenge, which scared me and thrilled me to bits – writing an international report on my hometown, Valencia, for the industry magazine Yarn Market News.

I got offered a fantastic spot – being the Featured Designer for Knitscene Winter 2013. The issue had 4 designs: a shawl, mittens, a cardigan and a pullover. Plus, a feature article on myself and my style written by Derya Davenport!

Both designs I've had on Vogue Knitting made it into a Best Of book.

I became the cover girl for issue 4 of Knit Edge magazine.

I had stalls at Unravel, Wonderwool Wales and Yarndale.

I quit some things that made me unhappy and took on bigger and more challenging assignments as a technical editor for knitty.com.

The summer brought some shaky starts – my husband had knee surgery and my cousin was living with us for 2 months. Brian fully recovered and I was so proud of his courage by agreeing to have surgery. Months after he left my cousin is dearly missed.

My technical editing business has grown stronger and stronger. I have a waiting list for assignments and some really fun clients.

My BFF Joeli and I created the Rocking Kitchen retreat – we locked ourselves and 14 of our closest designer friends up in a huge house in Yorkshire. Food, wine, knitting, spinning, a live fire. What's not to like…

I created deeper and better friendships in the knitting professionals circle and I love seeing my friends once a year at TNNA…

I had my first knitty pattern – my Sssstarter mitts!

My word of the year was Mindful. I'm afraid at times I was not as mindful as I could have been. I have realised the need for scheduled time off, dedicated writing time and scheduling my work better – my personal life suffers otherwise.

I have 24 hours to come up with my goals for next year:

  • One of them will be finishing my book.
  • I need to decide what to do about TNNA: I don't know if I will be there in May.
  • I want to write more – if you know of any daily prompts that are not completely arty farty I'd love to know.
  • I want to sketch more.
  • I want to make more stitch markers and polymer clay charms.

…but I am still undecided about my word of the year, and how I will deal with the hurdles this year will bring: possible relocation and big changes are ahead.

The blog has been silent for a while. I'm to blame and no one else. My head is not completely organized these days and sometimes introspection has a better effect in me… Or so I think? I know at times writing to you, even without responses, results in a mind-cleansing effect. Hence the need to write more.

I hope your 2013 was successful, happy and good – if it wasn't, rest assured it will get better. It has to!

Here's to looking forward to a 2014 full of love, accomplishments and rewarding actions.

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  • Anni Howard

    Wow, you’ve accomplished so much this year. As a designer I really appreciate your input as a tech ed on Knit Now magazine and hope we’ll work together again. Good luck for 2014 with all the changes ahead XX

    • Ruth

      Thank you Anni! I love editing your patterns, very fuss-free but retaining your personal style :) here’s to a fun 2014!!

  • azzywazzy

    I’ve been very proud to watch everything you’ve achieved this year and it’s been ever better to see you do it while remembering to be “mindful”.

    I know there’s things you’re disappointed with, but you mustn’t lose sight of how much you have accomplished.

    I also need to write more and bear in mind a number of the same things, so I will continue to stalk you and cheer you on from the sidelines :)

  • Beverly Army

    You’ve had a fantastic year! How exciting!