New year… New Depths

Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Blogging | 4 comments

Here it is!


2014 has come around. I wish you a healthy and fun year, with love and laughter in abundance.

Many of my plans for the year are yet to be determined, as highlighted in the previous post, but I wanted to do a quick arty project on my ipad for you!

I think I have come upon my word of the year, too:


I am aiming to achieve depth in relationships, both professional and personal.

I aim to create deep connections that enrich and give meaning to my life.

I aim to give content that has deep, interesting roots and full, lasting effects.


Have you found your word of the year?


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  • Vanessa

    My theme this year is Value! Adding value to my relationships (personal and professional) as well as making/writing/doing things of value. Everything we do inherently has value, because we’re all important. However, I’m aiming to do/make things that enrich my life and/or other people’s life!

    • Ruth

      Our words are closely related, aren’t they? To create value, you must fill it up with depth of meaning, and to create depth in meaning, there has to be value in it… I love how linked they are

  • woollythinker

    Patience. I love change, but I get bored quickly. 2013 was full of change, big change, valuable change, but also hard change. Frankly I think I need a bit of boredom now… but I do know I’ll still get impatient for the next new thing! So: patience. (Also to keep reminding myself that babies grow. Soon enough I will have more freedom to Do Stuff, and opportunities that seem to be passing me by will come again. Patience.)

  • penny

    I have 3 words for this year: clarity, balance, and strength.

    here’s to 2014.