SSP – good start!!


As you've seen recently, I have declared this the year I make Selfish Socks a PLAN and not an afterthought as something to do when I'm in between projects.

My first chosen yarn was A Stash Addict Sock in Rainbow.

This yarn features short colour repeats, but some of them overlapped in a manner that, in a small circumference such as a foot, it created pooling. I don't like pooling – I love crazy yarn that shows off its colours, though!

I began playing with some unusual stitch patterns, with slipped stitches, double wraps, garter… And none of them were satisfying. On Friday night I took to twitter to figure out some weird sock patterns for me to get my brain juices in it and also, because I know many of my friends are sock fiends or fiendish sock designers!

I got a ton of recommendations, but when I searched for “sideways” on ravelry, the first result was the Sidewinder pattern. These socks are constructed sideways, you provisionally cast on, work some funky shaping to create gussets and toes, and at the end, graft it all together!

It was so much fun I worked about a third of the first sock by Friday bedtime! I worked another half by Saturday and the final moves were done Sunday afternoon.

Not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical. I have the highest instep of anyone I know. I have bony, pointy heels. I am a nightmare to make socks for. And this pattern bases its fit around the amount of rows worked, BUT with the caveat that you need to know how many to make before and after the toe to ensure the toe can be grafted correctly. All my issues, coupled with this fact, made me think I was going to have to give my socks away…

I was pleasantly surprised!! Look at that!! They fit!!!

I've learned to trust the pattern – after all, I am not the only designer in the world, and these socks have been worked a ton of times by ravellers, as written and with stitch pattern modifications.

I'm very happy with my sock so far, and have cast the second one on already. No Second Sock Syndrome here!

Have you had a good start with any of your 2014 goals?