rock+podcast – Episode 2

Here is episode 2, where I speak about our move to a new place, I get ridiculously excited about spending big lots of money and give you a review of Wendy Bernard’s new book “Up, Down, All Around” sponsored by Blue Sky Alpacas… With a chance to WIN a copy for yourself!!!

Comment below with your answer to the question posed on the video to be entered into the giveaway. (US only, sorry! Postage is criminal outside the US)

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  1. Sarah   •  

    I love Blue Sky Alpacas Metallico. Like you mentioned, it looks like jewelry. The gold I’d my favorite. It so metallic it looks like gold dust.

  2. Jacquie Willson   •  

    I love to work with alpaca and merino blends and so my favorite is the Blue Sky Alpaca Extra yarn. Thank you for the offer!

  3. Karen Ellsworth   •  

    I haven’t tried Blue Sky Alpacas yarn yet, but I think I need to try out the multi cotton. Beautiful colors and it’s organic! :-) Thanks for sending me to that site. I didn’t realize they were a good source for organic cotton.

  4. Christine Riojas   •  

    They’re all so beautiful, but if I have to choose my favorite it’s got to be Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico. Silver and Platinum are stunning!

  5. Patti s   •  

    I haven’t tried any of their yarns, but would love to try any of them. Great give away. Thank you.

  6. Pernille   •  

    Dear Ruth,
    First of all, thank you so much for doing a podcast. I really enjoy watching it!
    The Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca Silk is my absolute favourite yarn, it’s so luxurious and shiny whilst still having the good qualities of alpaca. The colorway Peacock is stunning.
    Have a nice day :)

  7. Marsha   •  

    I think I always have at least 3 skeins of the sport weight in my stash ready to turn into something wonderfully warm.

  8. Jessica   •  

    I love Alpacas Silk and Metalloco!

  9. Kate M   •  

    I haven’t used Blue Sky Alpaca yet but I think that I am going to try the sport weight. Their new yarn ‘extra’ looks quite interesting as well. Thanks for the chance to win the book, this looks really amazing. It really isn’t your typical stitch dictionary, this is so exciting! (Rav name-zima21)

  10. Jos   •  

    So hard to choose! But I have to go with Blue Sky Alpacas Extra.

  11. Mary Kay   •  

    It’s hard to choose because I love them all, but I’d have to say Techno. It is so easy to knit with and easy to teach others to knit with.

  12. LBrown8655   •  

    I love the sheen and the softness of the alpaca silk. I would love to make a cowl out of it.

  13. Chonita   •  

    I have worked with Multi Cotton and I loved it. I knitted some towels for our RV. I would love to see in person Extra, but all other yarns look very beautiful. Will have to get more in my stash. :) Thanks for this offer and I love your podcast.

  14. Karen Frisa   •  

    I just got caught up on your podcasts and learned I’m not too late to enter the giveaway! Yay! I’ve seen a few projects done with Metalico and really liked them — the shine like metal without any of the harshness. Techno is also a really cool yarn.

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