rock+podcast – Episode 6

Better late than never! Sorry I forgot I never put this entry here….



The Earth was sh-sh-shaking on my very first California Earthquake. My best wishes go to those that were seriously affected by it.

Cross Stitching!
– Mosaique Triangles by Ludivine PdC:

– Yarn & Knitting needles by Charlotte Alexander:

– Forest by Satsuma Street:

My introduction to K2Tog in Albany, CA: 1325 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Knit2gethers: Weds 2-4pm, Thu 9.30-11.30am; ongoing.
Classes for Q4 2014: Fit for Feet, Clementine-along, Holiday Shawls.

What would YOU call my cowl pattern?

YOUR input is what will make 2015 better in the rock+purl universe. How can you help? With your opinion!