A year so far!

Can you believe it? It’s been over a year now since I moved to California!

(c) rockandpurl // Instagram

Things are beginning to settle down finally – all the papers are in order, the streets no longer seem random, friends are feeling closer and work is picking up strongly again.

During this year I’ve had fantastic experiences and my work has grown so much! There’s some garments being edited in the future, the Garment Workshop Vol 1 experiment has taught me so much and there’ll be a Vol 2 coming up later in the year. Accessory wise, I’m trying to experiment with new things and part of these things include new constructions… are you curious already?

Funny thing about moving is, you lose track of some things. I can’t tell you how many times we had to “find paper X” or “document Z” and we panicked thinking we lost them. And, me being me, I managed to misplace some of my own work papers.

Including THESE.

I designed these socks, called Anisun, a while ago. I had everything written down (I even KNOW what the paper looked like!). Yet they lingered in the “to write” pile because essentially I didn’t have the brain power to unvent them all over again. Early in March I sat down and finally took the steps towards making them into a pattern. My lovely testers went through my instructions and now they are ready for YOU.

These are the Anisun Socks (Ravelry LINK).

They are constructed top-down, in 4 sizes spanning a nice range for all – from deinty feet to powerful feet. The rock+purl heel treatment is applied again to ensure your socks hug your feet and don’t slide down, and the pattern has been carefully designed to keep you interested and happy to keep knitting.


While I was writing them, I noticed if I wrote all the sizes into the same document I would end up with a very big file, where, simply, not all the pages would apply to all the sizes. With this in mind, I created a new layout style for rock+purl:

  • Page 1 is your homeplate – the basics, the abbreviations and the chart symbols.
  • Page 2 is your blueprint – your special stitches are defined and all the instructions for the construction are written in detail.
  • Pages 3, 4, 5, 6? They each correspond to ONE size. YOUR size.

This means that, if you are to print the pattern, you’re not killing many trees. And if you are an on-the-go knitter, once you have your stitch pattern for your size committed to memory, you can follow only Page 2 to the end.

Neat, no?

To celebrate my first year in the USA:

I’m offering you a small gift – place the Anisun socks in your Ravelry cart, and include the discount code USAVERSARY for some $$ off, bringing the cost of the pattern down to less than a latte and far more satisfying… because you’ll be wearing them forever!

Join me in celebrating this momentous year?