Azahar Cardigan

Remember how I recently discussed the relaunch of the Coast to Coast collection in collaboration with Manos del Uruguay?

Here’s the post for Azahar.


Azahar Cardigan


Azahar came to me as easy as the sea breeze.

Costa del Azahar means “Orange Blossom Coast” and it’s my birth place! Set on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, it offers a whopping 330 days of sunshine a year, mostly warm temperatures, and a LOT of light.

From the get-go, I set off to design something classic, feminine, intriguing, yet appealing to knit.

With Manos Serena as my yarn, I designed a subtle lace panel for the lower body which is shaped in pattern to cinch at the waist with an i-cord or thin braid/belt.

Azahar Cardigan

The lower edge is much wider than the cinch-line, making it a slight swing shape – super flattering! If you wanted even more swing, you could add an extra purl between lace panels and decrease it at the cinch line.

Azahar Cardigan


The pattern then flows to the upper body in Stockinette, with a delicate neckline finish.

Azahar is constructed in one piece up to the armholes, which I know appeals to you, but to add a tailoring touch I used set-in sleeves, since they fit much better with the initial elegant concept.

The sleeves are elbow-length as design, however you could make them shorter or longer as desired if you have less/more yarn!


Azahar Cardigan
As discussed, part of the garment’s charm is the low difficulty level. With minimal shaping on the neckline, I finished it with a small i-cord edge, and once it’s all done, you add a hook+eye or snap fastener closure near the front edges to your desired depth. You’re in control there!

Azahar Cardigan


7 sizes are inside this pattern – the finished piece measures 32.5 (36.25, 41.5, 45, 4
8.5, 50.25, 54.75) inches
around the bust line, closed. On me, as shown? I’m wearing a 36.25 inch sample with 1 inch positive ease.


Azahar Cardigan

The skills you need:

  • Cast on,
  • Knit,
  • Purl,
  • Yarn Over,
  • Simple Decreases,
  • Bind off,
  • Seaming,
  • I-cord.

No need to read charts because your written instructions are also provided!

The abbreviations are included within the rock+purl cheat sheet.

To purchase the pattern, visit the shop’s page for Azahar and click Add to Cart.

The process is simple and similar to Ravelry.

Azahar Cardigan


Or, get the entire Coast to Coast collection here for $18,

which gets you the accessories entirely free!!


The abbreviations for everything are included with the cheat sheet as a companion download.

Why not Ravelry? Manos holds the Ravelry rights to sell, but I also hold rights to sell on my site, I’ve implemented a cart system. You’ll get access to the library here on my site, with all your purchases which you can download your files from when needed.

The patterns and ebook have been written, formatted and edited to the usual rock+purl format here, not on Ravelry. So if you are used to my style, you should really consider buying it here. Price is the same, too… but with free accessories!!