Remember how I recently discussed the relaunch of the Coast to Coast collection in collaboration with Manos del Uruguay?

Let’s talk about Dorada.


Dorada means, literally, “golden”. Just like the nice hint of tan you get in the summer months.

This gold spoke to me like nothing ever has. It’s BRIGHT.

There was no question for me, it had to be a fun knit, with little to no intricacy, but also quick and stunning to wear.


Dorada is constructed unusually: You begin by creating a long border, marking your progress as you go. When finished, you flip the work sideways and pick up stitches, which are then shaped with short rows and decreases for a crescent look.

Mark your progress as you go? You’re thinking I’ve gone mad? This is so you can actually modify the shawl to be as big or small as you’d like. The progress markers allow you to keep count of the stitches, and following the formula inside the pattern you’ll see how to shape and decrease for your own particular size.


How rad is that?

With the 2 skeins of Lace suggested in the pattern, you’ll have a project measuring 68″ wingspan by 16″ deep, a very manageable and portable project to take with you anywhere!


The skills you need are easy if you’re a lace knitter, or slightly spicier if you’re just starting your lace journey!

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Slipping Stitches
  • Yarn Over
  • Decreases (ssk, k2tog, CDD)
  • Bind off
  • Pick up Stitches
  • Wrap and Turn

There are both charts AND written instructions inside the pattern, so no excuses to skip this beauty.

To purchase the pattern, go to Dorada’s Shop page and click Add to Cart.

The process is simple and similar to Ravelry.


Or, get the entire Coast to Coast collection here for $18,

which gets you the accessories entirely free!!

The abbreviations for everything are included with the cheat sheet as a companion download.

Why not Ravelry? Manos holds the Ravelry rights to sell, but I also hold rights to sell on my site, I’ve implemented a cart system. You’ll get access to the library here on my site, with all your purchases which you can download your files from when needed.

The patterns and ebook have been written, formatted and edited to the usual rock+purl format here, not on Ravelry. So if you are used to my style, you should really consider buying it here. Price is the same, too… but with free accessories!!