Remember how I recently discussed the relaunch of the Coast to Coast collection in collaboration with Manos del Uruguay?

We’re going to look at my favorite baby in the collection, Calida


You can see why it’s my favorite, right?

Manos Serena is one of my favorite yarns because of the handle and drape that it gives. It gives great drape, great stockinette texture, great lace definition, and, as shown here, great cables.

Calida was a sketch I tried ages ago, but it was just waiting for the right yarn and time to be executed. The cables are warm, sinuous, they’re framed by reverse stockinette to elevate themselves, and they’re … wait for it… EASY.


To ensure there wasn’t too much going on, I kept the silhouette fairly simple: it’s not shaped at the waistline. This allows for easy wear, layering, transitional seasons and all. The sleeves have some of the cables, framed by stockinette sides, and are set-in because as you know, I like my set-in sleeves to make the look elegant and sleek.


Calida has a simple stockinette back, because hey, party is at the front. And all the ribbed edges begin or end with a tubular technique, because those rolled-rib hems are so swoony. That’s a real word. With the set-in sleeves you are guaranteed to get a polished look, which, coupled with the edgings and the drape, make this garment a true winner.


The sizing! This pattern comes in 6 sizes, 30.5 (36.5, 43.5, 48, 53.5, 58.5) inches. And I’m wearing the 36.5″, with approximately 1.5″ of positive ease, wearing a top underneath.


The skills you need are easy if you’re a lace knitter, or slightly spicier if you’re just starting your lace journey!

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Cables
  • Keeping pattern correct while shaping
  • Decreases (ssk, k2tog, CDD)
  • Bind off
  • Pick up Stitches
  • Working in the round

There are both charts AND written instructions inside the pattern, as well as instructions for the tubular cast-on, so you don’t have to go searching for them!

To purchase the pattern, go to Calida’s Shop page and click Add to Cart.

The process is simple and similar to Ravelry.


Or, get the entire Coast to Coast collection here for $18,

which gets you the accessories entirely free!!

The abbreviations for everything are included with the cheat sheet as a companion download.

Why not Ravelry? Manos holds the Ravelry rights to sell, but I also hold rights to sell on my site, I’ve implemented a cart system. You’ll get access to the library here on my site, with all your purchases which you can download your files from when needed.

The patterns and ebook have been written, formatted and edited to the usual rock+purl format here, not on Ravelry. So if you are used to my style, you should really consider buying it here. Price is the same, too… but with free accessories!!