Yarn Support – how to make them say yes! (part 3)

yarn supp3

Why am I rambling on about Yarn Support?

yarn supp3

You have done your homework in the first 4 steps, now what should you do?

5- What MUST be in the proposal

Your name/logo, name of the project, yarn company xxx support proposal. Ie, you are applying for them, not anyone else.

Your swatch photos. To show what you are thinking of.

Your sketch. Ditto.

Your text. To convey the above, in a style that allows visual perception of the concept. Tell them why you want to work together. What made you choose their yarn.

What you want. Yarn. Shade. Number of skeins for the size you are making.

Optional: Bio. You may want to include a link to your portfolio, blog, etc. Think of this as a job interview, and, as such, ensure you are only-pro, never-personal. If your blog is all about your kids adventures at the park, it will not convince anyone that you are a professional designer and you’d be best served pointing them to your Ravelry designer page or project page to show off your beautiful work!

Your contact details. Your name. Your address. Your email. Your phone number and contact hours.

6- How to communicate your idea

My tip to you is to communicate enthusiastically but never as if you know it’s a done deal. Nothing worse than high-horse attitudes when it comes to creating a working relationship with someone.

You want to convey your idea with passion and professional touches. You don’t want to do a half-arsed job. Half-arsed jobs make you memorable for all the wrong reasons.

7- Less is more

If you can get your proposal down to a single page, better. The more someone has to leaf through your proposal to know what the deal is, the more you lose their interest. Short and sweet.

8- Contacts

Dig around and see if you can find a name for someone in the company you can direct your email to. Sometimes not one single person deals with emails, and therefore you can leave this open (Hey, yarn company team!), but for example, if I were to send a proposal to Yarn Love, I’d know I’m emailing Katie and not a Mr Something or another.

9- The email

Directed to the person above, if you can find their name and email address.

“Dear XXX,

My name is Ruth and I am a knitwear designer.

Your yarn xxx is looking like a great match for my design idea, and I wanted to put this idea forward to you, to see whether you would consider providing yarn support for it. I’ve attached a PDF document with all the details, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

Below are links to my website for you to see some of my previous work.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


Leave it alone. Don’t chase day after day after day….you send it, they receive it. If you’ve not heard in 2 weeks, maybe you want to drop them one line to ask if they’ve received it, some servers block attachments from new addresses.

In next week’s post we’ll look at outcomes! If you’re preparing your own submission I’d LOVE to see it: use the #rockingsupport on social media so I can stalk it!!

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