Yarn Support – how to make them say yes! (part 4)

yarn supp4

Why am I rambling on about Yarn Support?

yarn supp4

10- Dear Designer… NO.

So they said no. Not the end of the world. Hopefully by this time you’ve distanced yourself a bit from your design. Analyze it. Did they say no because it truly doesn’t match their yarn? Is the design not the best it can be?

Part of the designers game is to deal with rejection. It sucks, sure. It’s never good to ask someone out to dance and be told thanks but no thanks… however, we can learn so much from a rejection.

I tend to step away from the email/call/letter and let it be on the side for a while. I am a worrier and an obsessive perfectionist with my work, so whenever I get a “no” I must let myself be with a soft concept of no before I absorb all that is within the communication.

The first part is, never take it personally. As artists we’ve dealt with negativity and sometimes a No seems like a UGH NO, when actually it may be “not now” or “this is not the best for our audience” or “wrong season”.

We must continue our path, how?

Move on from rejection, but don’t move on without thinking of the reasons why this particular idea was not a good fit. I’ve had rejections that were not presented in the best yarn. The sketch sucked. The words weren’t engaging enough to capture the imagination of the other part… One small change to the idea and they turned into my best seller pattern. Accept, analyze, move on.

If your proposal was for yarn from Company A and want to target Company B, make sure you tailor the new proposal to the new company. You can reuse a concept but don’t rehash your words, take your time to perfect the new document to the new target!

If you have other yarns at hand that could potentially work, try swatching with them. New fibers take you to unexpected places!

10- Dear Designer… YES.

Brilliant. Discuss the next steps with the company: Have a conversation about colors, about promotional efforts, ask the company when the yarn will arrive, whether they want updates on the progress, photos from the photoshoot to promote on their social media sites… Keep your professional hat on.

Once you receive your yarn, send the company a note to let them know you got it. Share your progress with your audience on social media, show the company some love, and enjoy your knitting!


How did you find the whole series? Have you learnt how to professionally discuss your work? How to best present your idea? If you’re preparing your own submission I’d LOVE to see it: use the #rockingsupport on social media so I can stalk it!!

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