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Hey there!
My name is Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, and these, are the days of my life.

I was born in Spain and at age 20 I packed up my bags and moved to England, the place I consider my adoptive home. There I met my husband, and in 2014 we relocated to Northern California.

Before knitwear design my professional background included project & change management, sensitive technical writing and software testing, and a lot of detailed mathematical stuff that would bore you for a F500 company. If that makes you think of Excel, heels, and power suits, you’d be in the right frame.I quit that job in 2009 while I had started designing part-time. I have not looked back.

As a professional Knitwear Designer, I’ve worked for several publications (Interweave, Vogue, Twist Collective, Knit Now, and many others) as well as my own self-published line (here’s my full portfolio on Ravelry). I also make use of my technical writing and mathematical abilities by working as a freelance Technical Editor for independent designers and publishing brands alike (read some Credentials).

Teaching others is part of my job too, and believe me when I say I can teach a parrot to sing the blues. There’s nothing you can’t do because I will show you the steps to conquer whatever technique is resisting you.

I love writing for my blog as well as others, love designing and editing in the knitting world, and most importantly? I love interaction. That means YOU. I love seeing your projects on social media, being able to show off what you work from my patterns to others, sharing anecdotes, and even having a virtual water cooler moment over the OMG-no-way Bachelor moments!

Super chatty on social media? You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Love hanging out on Ravelry? Friend me there and join the rock+purl group.

But overall, the best way to get the scoop on all the things going on behind the scenes and sometimes grab a discount or two is to JUMP ON THE EMAIL LIST.

I love sharp stainless steel knitting needles, a yarn with a good twist, enticing books, a glass of Pinot Noir and binge-worthy TV shows. I also have 2 Siberian Huskies that shed more hair than a sheep with alopecia.

Are we kindred spirits?

Talk to me anytime on the form on the footer, because honey, I am waiting.


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