Technical Editing – Info

Ruth has worked as a Technical Editor in knit & crochet for several independent designers:

  • Mercedes Tarasovich
  • Miriam Felton
  • Alicia Plummer
  • Thea Colman
  • Andi Satterlund
  • Kate Atherley
  • Talitha Kuomi
  • Melanie Berg
  • Kathleen Dames
  • Carina Spencer
  • Karie Westermann
  • …and many more!

As well as a veritable pot-pourri of publications and books, single and multi-collaborations:

  • Classes
  • Garments
  • Harrisville Design Collection
  • Louet North America
  • Plymouth Yarns
  • Three Irish Girls Club
  • Knit Now Magazine
  • Crochet Supplements
  • Crafty Magazine
  • PomPom Quarterly
  • Holla Knits
  • Cooperative Press
  • …and many more!

What does it entail?

  • Connector.


    checking sizing accuracy to standards – if a sleeve cap will not fit, I’ll let you know.

  • Connector.


    correct schematics – any pesky 1/4″ missing on your length? I’ll let you know.

  • Connector.


    accurate follow-through – if something looks redundant or unclear, we will discuss how to improve it.

  • Connector.

    Grammar & Spelling

    Missing punctuation, Then/Than, and many more will be checked and corrected.

  • Connector.

    Review of Materials

    Comprehensive list of materials and abbreviations provided

Technical Editing happens in stages: I review, you review.

I will not change instructions or numbers without your consent, and you will be in full charge of what happens with your pattern.

All Technical Editing services include a free final review once your layout is done and before you go to print to ensure everything is in tip-top shape!

Preferred document types: .doc / .pdf
Preferred graphic types: .eps / .png

Hire Me!

I retain occasional openings for single pattern editing.