Cheat Sheet

All the standard abbreviations and the easy stitch patterns are now readily available as a single download!


DOWNLOAD the Cheat Sheet (2016)

The Cheat Sheet offers ALL the standard abbreviations I use, how to work Stockinette Stitch and Garter Stitch both flat and in the round, a link to the tutorial list on my Ravelry Group, and links to all my social media sites.


This is a one-sheet friendly PDF you will get for free with all my patterns (I’m slowly rolling out new layouts, improved edits, additional sizes, etc to all): soon you will get 2 documents when you purchase a pattern, the PDF and the Cheat Sheet.


The Cheat Sheet will appeal in 2 senses:

  • you’re new and don’t know all the abbreviations? You can download it to your phone, tablet, or print it. Take it with you so you know I’m virtually holding your hand through your beginner level project! You’ve questions? Click the social media links to drop me a line!
  • you’re advanced and don’t need it? You don’t get a whole extra page cluttering your pattern with information unnecessary to you, allowing me to expand on other important things that will appeal to you. You’ve some comments? Click the social media links to drop me a line!


Get the PDF in your phone, tablet, or computer! Print it out and spread the word.


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