The Power of The Community

I’m overwhelmed.

The responses I’ve received whether via comments or private emails are huge in amount and impressive in meaning.

You guys rock.

As we all know by now, the company I directed that letter to is All Crafts Media. Publishers of the old Yarn Forward / current Knit / who knows what their name may be in 3 months time, Inside Crochet, Simply Beautiful, Sew Hip, Handmade Living and the upcoming Modern Quilting.

I thought this wouldn’t make much noise. I mean, crazy knitter berating a magazine woooo. But it’s far deeper than that. It’s a show of what not to do in business. It’s about OUR integrity and their lack thereof.

About how I’m willing to put my name and site to service to the community by outing something that has been chinese whispers for as long as I’ve been in this business. And about how they are not only refusing to change their ways but stubbornly make up excuses time and time again – and write emails that specifically request the reader not to share in a forum that the email writer herself started out to talk about the topic in question! How twisted is that?

So here’s the deal – does this company owe you MONEY or SAMPLES? Write a comment below or drop me an email (Contact Form). Because I would TRULY like to know how far this extends. As designers, we must continue fighting for a fair and timely wage. And as knitters, you should know where your money is best spent in.

A public THANK YOU goes to everyone who forwarded the Dear Publisher post. To those who RTd it. Shared it on Facebook. Told your friends about it. And to the ones who sent encouraging words about my decision to speak out. Your efforts made my post heard by thousands in the community, and made the Top Stories area of Zite (an iPad magazine app that chooses articles based on your tastes) as well as the Knitting Section – spreading the word even further. Again, THANK YOU.