Market Yourself – a review, a shared experience

I was *very* happy indeed when I got my review copy of Market Yourself, the new book by Tara Swiger published under Cooperative Press.

As a self-employed designer of something that not everyone finds appealing, I’ve read a lot of marketing books. Crappy marketing. Metric marketing. SEO. Keywords. Absolutely useless marketing. Find your voice. The genie inside. The Secret. Blah.

I knew this would be different – I have been following Tara for a long time on Twitter and I was joyous when she got her publishing deal with Cooperative Press. Not only does she write in an engaging way that *makes sense* but I’ve a soft spot for Cooperative Press, since my buddy Shannon is behind it and there’s no doubt they publish quality stuff. I just KNEW this would be different.

A lot has been written about craft marketing, but let me tell you one thing, not a lot of those books/ebooks have made me look at myself differently before. I’ve been told I do good marketing. But I never knew why. I just look at my product, I look at my customers or those consumers I hope to turn into customers and I talk your ear off. I speak to you like I speak to my friends, my family… and I hope it sticks.

Reading Market Yourself I noticed my ocd makes for good branding (cohesive colours across my site and marketing materials), that my lack of knowledge on “Sale Pitching” turns into a good voice (personal touch that ensures your customers know they’re dealing with a real person!) and how my knowledge of what I do and the tidbits I share with you show off my expertise in my field.

Tara teaches us not only how to develop the YOU in your brand, but also how to find who our Right People are, and what they do for us. What do you write in your About page?

I sure know I’m going to change mine now, since I want it to be more compelling – and Market Yourself teaches you how to do that with Worksheets. There’s worksheets left right and centre in each chapter, that will make you analyze what you’re doing and see what you need to be doing.

One point in the book I just love is the Listening Station. It’s a simple equation, really. If you don’t know what people want, you will never know how your product can satisfy that desire. Tara shows you how and where to listen, where to open your mind and seek inspiration (hint: it’s not in the obvious places)

Let me just tell you – this book is HEAVY. It’s full of advice, full of theories and ways to practice them. Full of material to follow – from friendly to professional, from personal to business. This book doesn’t have tons of drawings, tons of diagrams or lots of colours. It’s straight to the point.

And I’m about to implement a lot of it. Let’s just start this thing off with a mistake.

My marketing mistake!!

I’m off with the fairies a bit too often. Market Yourself talks about setting goals and checkpoints in your research, yet when I’m trying to do research I end up looking up what movie featured a particular actor in a holiday sweater. I need to channel the research, plan what I need, when I need it by and stop the distraction. It took me 6 months (yes, SIX) to find… buttons. I was SO obsessed with finding the right type of buttons I may have lost sales in doing so.

Do you want to WIN a copy of Market Yourself by Tara Swiger?

Of course you do, because you want to rock your business the way it was meant to.

So, there are 2 ways you can win:

– Tell me YOUR marketing mistake. The big faux-pas. The thing you wish you knew how to fix. Funny or sad, let us know.


– Give me YOUR question, your doubt, your query, the fork in the road you can’t pick from…

Tara will be visiting me soon to answer some of you, so this is your CHANCE to get the answer, draft up a plan and get into action.

She will also pick a winner who can benefit from her book!

What are you waiting for? Share your story with us!!

If you can’t wait to win the copy and just want the book, go get it from the awesome peeps at Cooperative Press here!