Love thy toes

There's people who have never knit a sock in their lives. This fact amazes me. The feeling of warm feet wrapped in a handmade fabric with details, colours and construction that mimics the personality of its maker or wearer, is something that cannot be replicated.

A heel flap, texture goodness...


I made some socks in 2013 – however it was definitely a year for warm hands. I made mitts, mittens, gloves, and all sorts of hand wrapping objects throughout the year.

But this morning I saw my friend Joeli's resolution of making 14 pairs of socks. I hope they're for her and not for her kids, since their feet are small enough for that feat to be very easily achieved…. I don't aim for 14, but I'd like to think of 12 pairs, one for each month.

I have what could be defined as a HEALTHY stash…

...Joeli is always watching

I am lucky, extremely lucky, in the sense that I have good friends. Good friends who are also yarn dyers and yarn company workers. So not only do I get tasting yarn, I get thank you yarn, I get promotion yarn, I get happy birthday yarn… I think you get the idea, yarn.


I have hand picked 12 skeins. There's a couple of golden stash goodies in it – Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga!, Shalimar Breathless, Artist's Palette Sock (sadly not trading anymore)… Some I've been dying to transform into a hand knit for myself, like Artesano Definition, Manos del Uruguay Alegria (in the most SHOCKING group of neon shades you have ever seen) and Kettle Yarn Co Falkland…

So I've declared my own Selfish Sock Plot – 12 pairs. They are set aside. In a box. They will be wound, one by one, as I choose them for the sock du jour … Well, du mois?

Do you have a Selfish Plan for the year?

How will you show your love for yourself?