Life is messy!

I have only just noticed that if you are a regular blog reader but not a fan of social media, you may not have heard the news…

Rock + Purl is moving overseas!

Back in November, my husband was told there was a 9-month plan to divest the site he works at, rendering him unemployed by June. Once the dust (and hangover) had settled, we discussed whether he should apply to a job abroad: the employer had a placement in another country that matched his skill set while also offering him a possibility of professional development and growth that we couldn't see happening in the UK.

After 8 weeks of back & forth phone and email interviews, he went over to their offices to meet people there. And when he returned, we got a phone call one night…. And he was offered the job.

We are moving to California!

In detail: East Bay, just out of the San Francisco peninsula.

On a soppy note – I am so proud of my husband. He worked so hard to get this job and I think he will do a brilliant job there.

I am mostly thinking of how I won't be the palest Spanish person ever anymore. There's SUN in California, hooray for tanned legs and not glowing in the dark!

The excitement and questions and communication flow has been quite exhausting. Our families of course need details, but many of these are things we can't yet answer (such as, where are we moving to, really?) while others hang in the air (do we need our grade school reports??). The questionnaires for visas are incredibly long, thinking about moving our home is daunting, and to top all of it off, Brian has spent the last 8 weeks in constant jetlag, while I've also been sick.

Alas, we now have an interview date, and the packing company has come to do inventory on the house, so it is coming close to being a done deal.

I don't think it will be real until we are on a plane without a return ticket attached to our booking, though!

What does this mean for rock+purl as a business?

I am “this-close” to reconciling all accounts in the UK, officially “shutting down” until I can “open up” in the USA once all our papers are in place. This means that, paperwork permitting, there should be no disruption of any kind.

However, with a bit of heavy heart, I am going to let go of an important part of the business. This has been a decision I have struggled with for a while, and in the end, I have reviewed what my goal for this year was – DEPTH, and have realised I can't reach deeply into my creativity if I am being brought down by responsibilities outside my remit.

When you think of something as HUGE as moving abroad with only your partner as a support network, 9 time zones away from family, with the important task of finding a new home to move to, immerse yourself in a new culture, make new friends and place enough love and energy into a stable relationship to ensure it doesn't suffer, you realise DEPTH needs to be placed in 2 places :

where your love is and what your love creates

Where my love is, is at home. My husband and I will make a house a happy home through goofiness, love, respect and laughter. Even in a dumpster. I used to joke I'd marry him even if we dressed in potato sacks and were living in a dumpster.

What my love creates is beautiful knitting and crochet patterns.

Where love does not reside anymore, is in editing. Editing brought me amazing contacts, incredible growth and lots of lessons learnt. However, it has grown beyond my reach.

Work used to be 3/1/1 parts. 3 parts designing, 1 part blogging and marketing, 1 part editing. Recently it's turned into 1/0/4. 1 part designing, 0 parts blogging, 4 parts editing. And I am not enjoying it. My design work is suffering a slower development and poorer quality simply because I don't have time to breathe, artistically speaking. My studio is no longer seen as a place of fun but a place of nose-to-the-keyboard.

I grew too quickly in one area that I had started taking on board as a bit of money on the side. It has grown too big and too monstrous, too demanding and not rewarding.

Tech editing is not giving me depth. It is creating a shallower pool for my creativity. It is not allowing me to give you as much of me as I want.

I will retain my Knit Now editing job, as well as my Knitty editing job. I may take some edits from friends, if they need a hand and I can see myself making time for it.

And I will make a new life in the USA. I will meet new people, gather new inspiration, renew my design strengths and along it all, share more with you.

Because without you, I would not have started designing, and there would be no rock+purl family.

I shall keep you posted on my adventures and how life moves us across the seas! If you've done a big move like this, feel free to comment and tell me what saved your life – much appreciated :)